Style tips from a target magazine

A while back I wrote a little post about Strange Horizons’ magazines webpage discussing over-used story themes. Today I found a similar goldmine of info on Metaphorosis magazine’s page, but this time relating to style and the kind of things and editor thinks while reading and deciding upon a story. Here’s the page.

As a summary, the page includes

  • a description of the process an editor goes through (it’s interesting and reassuring to see how formulaic it is)
  • descriptions of how your Opener, Prose, and Resolution should impress them
  • how to interpret their feedback on a story you’ve submitted to them
  • links to other magazines you can submit to that also offer feedback when you submit to them: Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Shimmer, Deep Magic and Andromeda Spaceways.

Additionally, the Metaphorosis site has other useful style related pages on stuff to avoid in your writing and a rather fascinating page on the submission statistics.

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